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UST Video Inspections

Tank Tech offers a more economical and safer method of internal tank inspections - Tank Scope. With Tank Scope there is no longer the need to excavate an underground tank and place an OSHA trained technician inside it to conduct an inspection.

Tank Scope fulfills the Federal EPA requirement that any UST using an internal lining of corrosion protection must be internally inspected at the 10 year anniversary date of the lining upgrade and every five years thereafter. This was once a messy and time-consuming event that meant downtime and inconvenience for your business.

Tank Tech has developed Tank Scope - a specialized (third party certified) video system with high intensity lighting for inspecting underground storage tanks. We are the first and only company in the United States third party certified for lined UST's.

How Tank Scope Works

Our miniature remote video camera is designed to access your tanks through the fill pipe which can be as small as 2 7/8" inside diameter. The remote monitor and controls are used to skillfully manipulate, pan and tilt and has lighting features on-camera to clarify and identify all internal surfaces.

Tank Tech is not just a camera company. We are tank lining experts and we can skillfully interpret what we see. If your tank is due for inspection, Tank Tech can save you time, money and aggravation. We Provide many above ground and below ground storage tank services. Call us for details at 1-888-405-2369 or contact us online

Internal tank inspections via remote control video for internally lined tanks offer many benefits including:

One-third the cost of physical inspection.

No mess or disruption of traffic flow.

Minimized down time.

No cutting, bolting, welding or manned entry required.

Permanent legal record in the form of a color DVD as well as legal documentation.

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