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Tank Tech, Inc. researches each application and installs the highest in quality

UL listed coatings that are best suited for each specific application. Our Bridgeport

Chemical® entire product lines are 100% compatible

with Ethanol blended fuels.


These coatings can be applied to the interior of virtually any kind of tank with minimal down time and

backed by a 10 Year Warranty.


Whether a tank needs to be coated for preventive maintenance or is severely corroded and leaking,

we can upgrade it and frequently repair it using the latest technological innovations.


Our tank lining process is designed for corrosion protection and leak prevention and is typically used to protect aboveground and underground storage tanks, process vessels, secondary containment structures, concrete process areas and floors against continuous or intermittent chemical attack and degradation. Tank Tech’s commitment to excellence in skilled performance and an impeccable safety program and record has gained the respect with many of the world’s largest oil marketers.


Coating Applications For:

  • Petroleum Based Products (Including: Alcohols, 100% Ethanol, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, etc.)

  • Potable Water Tanks

  • Corrosion Protection

  • FDA® Products

  • Chemical Storage

Fiberglass (FRP) Reinforcement & Compatibility Upgrade


Storage of today’s modern motor fuels can take a toll on Steel and FRP

underground storage tanks. Many existing underground storage tanks, such as

fiberglass composite and internally lined steel tanks DO NOT meet compatibility

standards for many of the new gasoline additives as well as the standard ethanol

based fuels. Leadingindustry experts agree that these vessels need immediate


Using the latest in fuel compatibility and innovative technology, Tank Tech, Inc. can

protect tank interiors before the contained product damages the entire structural

body of the tank, arresting discharges before they start. This upgrade assures product compatibility.

Microbial influenced corrosion (MIC), researchers agree that MIC is often the overlooked corrosion

problem in a variety of UST systems. The innovators at Tank Tech utilize their proprietary compatibility

upgrades to put an end to this worry for fuel storage system owners and operators.

In most cases, even if a tank has suffered a minor breach, the overall structural integrity of the vessel is still viable, offering an ideal substrate for our skilled technicians to fabricate a new technologically advanced protection, strengthening the tank structure, extending the life of the tank and minimizing your facilities downtime.

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