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> Double-wall Protection
> Significantly less cost than traditional replacement
> Compatible with modern fuel blends (Including: Alcohol, 100% Ethanol, ULSD, etc.)
> Little to no excavation required
> Minimal Downtime
> 20 Year Manufactures Warranty



The UL® Listed (PCS)Primary Containment System® is unique fiberglass upgrade system. The (PCS)Primary Containment System® allows you to upgrade in-service steel or fiberglass single-wall tanks to a secondarily contained (double-wall) system. The UL® Listed (PCS)Primary Containment System® is an innovative and incredibly cost effective alternative to tank replacement, with a minimal amount of down time and site disturbance. Tanks can then be monitored with passive or continuous leak detection systems.


The professional technicians of Tank Tech specialize in the manufacture of this system at your location with minimal downtime and without the need to remove your existing tank system. The surrounding area and equipment are left undisturbed as the tank retrofit is completed without removing the tanks from the ground. A UL® listed secondarily contained fiberglass tank system is applied right on your site by Tank Tech, Inc.


The innovators of Tank Tech can upgrade the typical storage tank facility within less than one week while allowing your store to remain open and your business undisturbed.


The (PCS)Primary Containment System® provides you, the fuel station owner, the peace of mind of being compliant with the Energy and Clean Water Acts of 2005 by having a secondarily contained fuel storage facility. The PCS System gives you more than twice the protection of any single-wall tank. Two new corrosion-resistant walls are applied using a special three-dimensional glass fabric, to create an interstitial space. The (PCS)Primary Containment System® creates a new primary wall which contains the product.


The (PCS)Primary Containment System® is a cutting edge technology that when combined with the innovators of Tank Tech’s manufacturing process delivers a product system that is both UL® tested and backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry.


Typical applications include:

  • Retail service stations and convenience stores

  • Fleet fueling locations

  • Bulk plants with underground tanks

  • Office and commercial buildings

  • Hospitals, universities and other institutional locations

  • Chemical plants

  • Military Bases

(PCS) Primary Containment System
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