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3rd Party Certified Tank Scope® Video Inspections


Our 3rd Party Certified Tank Scope® system provides a detailed inspection of a tank's interior

without the need for manned entry resulting in a considerable savings and reduced downtime.

Tank Tech, Inc. is the first and only company in the United States to gain a 3rd Party Certification

for lined UST's.

The Tank Scope® System is a specialized video system with high intensity LED lighting for

inspecting underground storage tanks and equipped with real time oxygen sensors to insure


The Tank Scope® system fulfills the Federal EPA requirement that; any UST using an internal lining as a means of corrosion protection must be internally inspected at the 10 year anniversary date of the lining upgrade and every 5 years thereafter.

The Tank Scope® system utilizes a robotic video camera, which is maneuvered throughout the interior of the tank in order to:

  • Fulfill Federal EPA Requirements

  • Evaluate the structural integrity of steel and fiberglass tanks.

  • Pinpoint the location of bungs within the tank

  • Identify the sources, locations and degree of corrosion, abnormalities or leaks

  • Determine the source of clogged filters or locate debris in tanks


The entire Tank Scope® inspection is recorded on video, which is subsequently reviewed by a NACE® corrosion engineer who creates your detailed report describing the current integrity of the tank. We then provide our customers with that video on DVD along with a detailed written report as a permanent visual and written record of the inspection.

Tank Tech, Inc. is not just a tank inspection company. We are tank lining experts and we can skillfully interpret what we see. Not only can we identify any issues within the tank but in most cases we can provide a detailed proposal to repair or upgrade the vessel.

If Tank Tech, Inc. performs a video inspection which detects the need for a subsequent tank repair or upgrade, we will credit half the cost of your original video inspection to you on any needed services.

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