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  • Double-wall protection

  • Significantly less cost than traditional replacement

  • Compatible with modern fuel blends (Including: Alcohols, 100% Ethanol, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, etc.)

  • Little to no excavation required

  • Minimal Downtime

  • Not dependent upon host tank

  • Eliminates Cathodic Protection

  • 30 Year Manufactures Warranty


Typical applications include:


  • Retail service stations and convenience stores

  • Fleet fueling locations

  • Bulk plants with underground tanks

  • Office and commercial buildings

  • Hospitals, universities and other institutional locations

  • Chemical plants

  • Military Bases


The technology utilized in Tank Tech’s proprietary UL® Listed Stand Alone System® (SAS) is without peer in the storage tank industry.


The Stand Alone System® is the only double-wall upgrade system that has passed all the testing requirements against the toughest UL® Standard for fuel storage tanks, 1856.


The SAS® technology is unique from any other upgrade or coating products because the specialists at Tank Tech custom manufacture a new double wall, fully monitored, fuel storage system at your individual facility. This in-situ process delivers an upgraded system that doesn’t solely rely on your current fuel storage facilities. The SAS® is designed and manufactured to outlive your current system and delivers the confidence of a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Benefits of the Stand Alone System are numerous and specially designed for the fuel tank operators compliance issues. The System eliminates the need for cathodic protection plus is specially manufactured on your location in less than a quarter of the time of tank replacement. This fast turnaround keeps downtime minimized and lets your income stream continue.

Storage tank facility operators are too often held hostage by regulatory mandates that are oppressive and costly for compliance. The SAS® provides operators a cost effective alternative that is proven, tested, time efficient, and delivers the most efficient technology to your storage tank facilities. Our innovative technology is designed for the benefit of the fuel storage facility operator by providing a precision product that brings compliance and time efficiency to our customers operations.

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