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Extensive industry repair reports confirm; a large number of

underground fuel storage tanks are NOT compatible with today’s

modern fuels. Ethanol, while a renewable resource, is a solvent

and like many harsh chemical compounds, should be contained in an appropriately prepared tank.


Today’s modern fuels demand your fuel storage tanks be updated to meet this challenge.


Federal EPA states that it is the responsibility owners and operators to confirm if their tanks are

compatible with Ethanol blended fuels prior to use.


Microbial influenced corrosion (MIC) from today’s modern fuels is the most overlooked corrosion problem in UST systems, containing today’s modern fuels.








Whether fiberglass, steel, or a previously lined tank; any vessel not specifically designed and manufactured for today’s fuels should be evaluated for resistance to these new formulations. The innovators at Tank Tech have developed the protocol for pre-screening your fuel storage tanks to determine their ability to withstand today’s modern fuels.


Tank Tech Has The Solution

The innovators at Tank Tech can utilize either their UL® listed FRP Reinforcement/Compatibility upgrade or the time tested Epoxy material manufactured by Bridgeport Chemical®. These specialized upgrade methods are 100% compatible with today’s modern fuels, plus the upgrade of your tanks can be accomplished with a minimal amount of down time and carries a 10 Year Warranty.


Cutting edge innovation defines the compatibility solutions for your fuel storage facilities. Tank Tech has inspected and upgraded tens of thousands of USTs & ASTs throughout a broad but uniquely defined market. Tank Tech’s commitment to excellence in skilled performance and an impeccable safety record since 1985 has earned the respect of all the major fuel marketers.

Through the utilization of our innovative upgrade systems; we can ensure that your fuel storage vessel is not only compatible with today’s petroleum additives but the added protection of knowing your fuel storage tanks are compatible with all ethanol based fuels.

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